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As seen in...VOGUE!

Our new blog page, up and running!

Well its been a very busy an exciting 2 months!

Lots of weddings, birthdays and events. Beautiful venues and lovely clients make my job so enjoyable.

We have made sweet trees and stationary, created beautiful, bespoke sweetie carts and buffets for our customers, delivered our fabulous 4ft, 'AS SEEN ON TV', LOVElights to various venues.........

And then to top it all off we have this!

How exciting!

We are in VOGUE magazine, October issue!

Amazing for our little company to be included within their pages. The item is entitled 'Intelligent retreats - Bright ideas for your Oxbridge escape'. We are in the Cambridge section and are thrilled to be there!

And if that wasn't enough, we have another piece on its way soon. Exciting times.

Because of this I would like to take the time to thank a very important part of our business that has got us where we are today.....and that's YOU! Our lovely, loyal and wonderful customers who make doing all this a real pleasure. Thank you! If it weren't for you there would be no sweetie trees made or candy carts created, and that would be unthinkable!

So raise a glass (or a cup of tea in my case), to more Weddings, Parties, Birthdays and Celebrations that we can share together. Life IS sweet...especially with a jellybean or two!!


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