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Ferrero Stands

Pyramid Ferrero tower

Our large 16 tier pyramid Ferrero tower holds 481 ferrero. It comes on a raised illuminated base and the colours can be changed via a remote control. Select a colour to match your theme. Price inc ferrero gold £325 Ferrero in an alternative colour available + £13 per 50

Ferrero tower base colours

Select the base colour that you would like or let the colours change automatically.

Our smaller 8 tier pyramid stand

Our smaller 8 tier pyramid stand holds 113 ferrero and comes on its own illuminated stand. Price inc chocolates £99

Large filigree Heart Ferrero Stand

Large filigree Heart Ferrero Stand comes complete with 70 original gold ferrero Rocher chocolates. Also available with Lindor and alternative coloured foils, great if matching to a colour theme. Contact us for specific colours. Price gold original ferrero - £85 Price for Lindor and alternative colour foiled Ferrero - £85-£99

small heart Ferrero stand

Smaller heart ferrero stand (double sided). Supplied with either 50 or 100 ferrero Price inc 50 Ferrero - £45 Price inc 100 Ferrero - £80 Ferreros changed to alternative colours + £13 per 50

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