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Blossom Trees

Ivory 4ft blossom trees (10 available)

4ft ivory blossom trees

ivory 4ft blossom trees

ivory 4ft blossom trees. perfect for smaller venues. Also available in pink. 10 of each available.

pink 4ft blossom trees (10 available)

Our pink 4ft blossom trees on podiums

6ft Green ficus trees

6ft tabletop artificial ficus trees. Glorious fresh and perfect for a rustic, or woodland theme.

6ft pink blossom tree

6ft pink blossom tree, perfect to dress tables and larger areas

Ivory 6ft blossom trees

For a wow effect to your table. Full and gorgeous and a great size for larger rooms.

Pink blossom backdrop (also in ivory)
pink blossom backdrop

Pink blossom backdrop in two pieces so can also be separated to two sides. Also available in ivory and green ficus.

ivory blossom backdrop, also in pink

ivory blossom backdrop to match our trees

8ft pink blossom tree 2 available

8ft floor standing blossom trees, perfect as aisle or top table backdrops, and great to fill empty spaces. Use to dress around cake tables for the prettiest pictures.

8ft green ficus leaf tree (2 available)

8ft floor standing ficus trees 2 available. Matches our 6ft tabletop trees.

Ivory 8ft blossom trees (also available in ivory)

our 8ft blossom trees, available in ivory, pink, or now - ficus green leaf.

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