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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new addition.......and its delicious!!

And our delicious new addition comes with an amazing offer too!

But first,

May I introduce you to our newcomer....... the delicious KRISPY KREME cart! Yes we are mixing it up and it's proving to be irresistible to lots of lovely couples getting married this year and next!

We promoted our cart for the first time at the Newmarket Wedding Show and It has proved to be a huge hit.

We still have our sweet cart, beautifully decorated and fully stocked with your favourites, but now we also offer a 'half and half' cart; half sweets, half assorted Krispy Kreme donuts. Prices start at £160. We also offer a full Krispy Kreme cart (serious deliciousness!) and prices for this are from £180.

The fantastic thing about Krispy Kreme is...not only are they absolutely gorgeous...but they also keep beautifully! So no worries, they will they still be fresh and tasty at the end of the evening!

CONTACT US to enquire about booking this item for your wedding or event.


With every Krispy Kreme (full or 'half and half' cart) booked between now and the end of Feb 2016, we are offering the added hire of our fabulous 4ft LOVE lights for just £100!!! To take up this offer, please mention at time of booking to check for availability.

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