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A Christmas tree with a difference!

Hi all!

Well with the weather change it sure is starting to feel like Christmas. I don't know about you but I never seem to the organised mum with all the presents bought and wrapped by September. Its usually a mad rush at the last minute, with panic setting in around the 18th December!!! The turkey ordering, the mad dash (es) to the supermarkets for those last minute forgotten items, the late nights keeping your eyes open with matchsticks while you try to figure out how you're going to wrap socks for uncle George and make it look like something far more interesting again this year. All of it.............I love it! Bring it on I tell you, but not until the second week in December. Im ready for it then :)

This Christmas, apart from all the lovely celebration trees, ferrero trees, our fabulous malteser Christmas 'pudding' trees, we are making fully edible terrys choc orange and malteser 'puddings' @ £7.50, hot chocolate cones with cocoa, chocolate buttons marshmallows and a candy cane @ £3, sweetie sleds with kitkats maoms and candy canes @ £4, and some sweet little chocolate button fir cones @ £2.50.

On top of all that we have decided to run a raffle for one of our big Ferrero Rocher cone shaped trees. It really is a stunning tree. With well over 100 luxury Ferrero chocolates on and standing 20cm W x 43cm H, (28cm W x 56cm H wrapped) it really does have the WOW factor! Tickets are priced at £1 each and more details about how to grab your raffle tickets are available through our facebook page or by messaging us here via our 'contact us' page, so get involved! :)

Happy Christmas shopping all!

B xx

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